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Create quality publications Microsoft Publisher 2019 is the latest version of publisher design software from Microsoft. Users can use Publisher for a variety of design needs, from simple greeting cards to completely custom document designs. Publisher offers a wide range of editing tools and focuses on ease of use for novice users. Despite its functionality, Adobe Creative Cloud users will find that Photoshop and KSD offer much more flexibility, on the other hand, users looking for a free solution can benefit from Canvas and its (function() { (‘review -app-page-desktop’); }); Where does the editor shine? Publisher offers a wide range of features that allow users to create a detailed or simple document. Each project starts with a blank canvas where you can upload images, add shapes and designs, or try out their pre-made designs to find something that matches the design you need. Features like image overlay allow you to drag one image over another and edit it instantly. Icons and highlights give you a clear indication of when this is happening to avoid unwanted overrides. Changing your background image is easy with the app’s wallpaper feature, which lets you select an image and then paste it into your wallpaper. This will automatically fill the background with the selected image. Publisher really shines with the templates available to you. Even the most novice user can create something professional by editing with one of these templates. It also provides tools and color palettes to customize these templates to match your brand, giving you a shortcut to professional-looking documents that will wow you at your next meeting. Jumping straight into Microsoft has always ensured that every new piece of software is on brand, and Publisher is no different. Although Publisher doesn’t look as clean or well-designed as other apps, it retains a similar feel to Word or PowerPoint. Luckily for users, the user interface is easy to use and it doesn’t take long to access the various tabs and features on offer. If you use other Microsoft 365 apps, it will take you even less time to understand what it’s all about and use Publisher to its full potential. The top bar contains most of the functionality options, including different color palettes, while drag-and-drop boxes allow you to create new wind documents. Minimal design skills are required, and the drag-and-drop functionality compensates for most of Publisher’s limitations. Unfortunately, many users fall outside of the publisher’s target market. Although Publisher is part of the 365 package, it can only be used on Windows 10 and 11. A strange move by Microsoft, but when we look at their update schedule against their most frequently used apps,perhaps we can understand why. Publisher isn’t updated as often as other apps, and Microsoft seems to have largely forgotten about that. The app can be purchased as a separate product or as part of Microsoft 365. However, it may take some time to find a publisher on Microsoft’s website, as it’s usually not part of their core marketing , which therefore Microsoft just doesn’t seem to be pushing it to newer audiences. Another thing to consider is that you don’t currently have a Microsoft 365 license. As a standalone product, it’s relatively expensive, especially considering the features it offers compared to some of the better-known apps on the market. Did you find support? Microsoft apps often have decent built-in support, and Publisher follows their help section. If you are having trouble with a certain feature or are curious about doing something in the app, you can search directly. However, this is often delayed and in our case sometimes simply unsuccessful. Instead, we recommend visiting their site for direct assistance. Should Publisher be your next design tool? Although Microsoft Publisher does a great job of providing an easy-to-use app for beginners, the high cost of the tool is hard to ignore. Similarly, with limited access licenses for a single computer and only through Windows 10 or 11, many are excluded from Adobe Creative Suite, and it can be more expensive, the functionality allows you to do much more than Publisher. Even Canva has more features and support than Publisher. If you have Microsoft 365, you can try Publisher with your current license. otherwise, we recommend trying another option.

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