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Defeat the bloodthirsty train in this horror game. Choo-Choo Charles is a new survival horror game from Two Star Game. Here, players will have an action-packed adventure in an open-world island setting. The problem is that you are an old train and there is a service train killer in Choo-Choo Charles who destroys an evil train named Charles. To do so, you will need to complete missions to collect scrap. Over time, you will use these scraps to upgrade your car so that you have enough armor, damage, and speed to take down the evil monsters. That is if Charles doesn’t catch you first.(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); What is Choo-Choo Charles? Choo-Choo Charles takes you to an island, where you play old trains. Here you will explore its forests, beaches and mountains. You will also interact with the paper doll NPCs that inhabit the island. However, an evil clown-faced train is going around. Known to the locals as Charles, this monster feeds on weak human flesh. Your goal is to stop it once and since you are an old train, you have no power to stop it. With this you need to collect scrap, which you can use to upgrade. To collect them, you need to complete quests given by humans. You can also loot some while exploring the island. But be careful. Charles wants to catch you and just because he runs away doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. Even in his standard model, he has a mounted machine gun at his disposal. He can also clear the way by walking or changing lanes. However, be aware that the winding path is treacherous. With this, you have to plan each mission. Fortunately, there is a map that you can refer to. However, wouldn’t that tell you that Charles hides the game well from him? Choo-Choo Charles is not your typical horror game. Although the gameplay is similar to any other survival adventure game, the characters and mechanics are different. You also have an open world map that you can freely explore while running missions. Not to mention the fun art style that makes this game even scarier. In general, this is a recommended title to choose.

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