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80s style control simulator Contraband Police takes you back to 1981, when smuggling flourished in a communist country. Don’t underestimate these smugglers because they are smarter than you think. They drive luxury vehicles, wear tricky clothes, and do everything they can to pass security checks, and this is where you find yourself. Contraband Police is a role-playing simulation game and you will play as a security inspector. It is your duty to carefully review all the documents of those who wish to enter the Akarist People’s Republic. You will also need to inspect each package and make sure that no contraband can get through. You can try the demo before you buy the game. (function() {(‘review-application-page-desktop’); }); Exciting story and useful rewards. As a Contraband Duty Police Officer, you will serve as the first line of defense against gangs that will try to infiltrate your base with illegal drugs, weapons, and even money. However, you are not entirely alone because you will have the support of your peers and superiors. When things get out of hand, you can always request backup. There are even times when the authorities will tip you off to other especially suspicious ones, you have to keep in mind that most of these smugglers will not be kind. They know you care about them and will immediately fight back, so you should always be on the lookout and keep an eye out. Some gangs won’t even want to stop at their checkpoint, and this is where the fun begins. When this happens, you will have to call for reinforcements while chasing and shooting them. Captured gang members will be sent to jail and the more contraband you manage to seize, the more rewards you will receive. You can use these reward points to upgrade your stations, as well as the equipment you use for inspections. When your station and equipment are up to date, it will be more difficult for smugglers to miss you. However, smugglers will also become more and more clever at forging documents and hiding their contraband over time, so you should never stop at graphics and animations. Contraband Police has the right mix of calm, excitement, and suspense. In fact, many players claim that this is the best version of Papers, Please. Critics noted that they liked Contraband Police better for having a deeper story and more character interactions. So, if you have already played Papers, please, you may like this game more. It has a free demo that you can try before buying the full game. Although Contraband Police shines in many ways, graphics are not one of them. Many complaints have been received that the animation is lackluster. Some of the movements are not defined, which is a pity during the stalking scenes. Usually the graphics can be improved to make the game more exciting. His saving grace, though, is the fact that he can move around and won’t have to get stuck at his best checkpoint. Smuggling Police offers you more than just a document control game. This is a game that you will enjoy a lot, especially if you are a fan of chase scenes. As all your effort in this game will be rewarded,You will have to work harder to catch more smugglers and seize more contraband. Although it won’t win the award for best graphics, its story and overall gameplay will surely make up for that loss.

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